13 Life-changes After Becoming A Mother

13 Life-changes After Becoming A Mother

We all know nobody’s perfect. We all know that nobody’s born with the perfect knowledge of being a mom. Especially, how to be a good and perfect mom. If we were, that’d save many of us from sleepless nights! Am I right?  

Nonetheless, I can definitely say that one of the most beautiful experiences of my life has been raising my children. They fill my life with joy and happiness even on the greyest of days.

Which got me thinking...do other moms also experience situations that they think are unique? Maybe I’m not alone?  

So, I’ve racked up 13 relatable things that change women like you and me when we become mothers!  Let's get to them!


1. Your beauty sleep

This is the very first thing you’ll notice before anything. Even if your child sleeps very well, you’ll probably not be able to sleep without thinking about anything else. Rather, you’ll take advantage of your baby’s sleep to do other things around the house. 

If you’re thinking that it’ll get better with your child’s age, I’m sorry, but NO. This is what’ll happen - when they are babies you’ll be waking up in the middle of the night to attend them. Then, when they’re teenagers, you’ll be waking up to see if they are already home.


2. Your behavior  

Now that you are also a mother, you probably understand each and every one of those things your mother used to say to you. What I mean is you understand what your mother has done for you, what she said to you for your own good, and each of her “looks.”  

The love of a mother for her children is so unconditional and so incredible that now you understand everything why your mother has said or done to you. I find myself doing it all the time now! 


3. Your purse

Do you know the bag Mary Poppins carries around? Well, yours has nothing to be jealous of. Being a mother means you have everything you and your children need in your bag. Always. That means extra napkins, bottles, snacks, even an extra amber teething necklace in cognac color! 


4. Your name 

This happens even when your own children aren’t in front of you. If you hear the name "mom," your unconscious makes you turn and look for that child who is calling for their mother. Then, if that child can’t find their mother, you’ll go out of your way to help him find her. 


5. Your patience 

Yes, breathing in deeply becomes your best friend. And I mean you have to breathe many (many) times, so you don’t get too upset. When you notice that you start to get nervous, you have your own strategies to find calmness. 

Paying for your possible frustrations with your children, should never be the case. Inhale, exhale. 


6. Your multitasking ability 

Ahhh, multitasking. Oh, you didn’t notice you’re multitasking? What about when you are making your kids dinner while breastfeeding your baby and answering emails from work at the same time? 

This is just an example. But every mother can and is capable of doing it. Although if you feel exhausted, remember that you should always do things you feel is right. Prioritizing at its best.  You are not a machine.


7. Your shower sessions

When your partner is around or your mother or sister comes to your house, that’s when you run like the wind to take a shower. As a mother of young ones, a shower is now a privilege. 

After a day between bottles and blankets, all you’ll want to do is get into your shower and stay there for at least 30 minutes. Relaxing and feeling refreshed is important. That will help you face what’s to come at night - your baby deserves a mom willing to take care of them!


8. Your instincts

When you are a new mother, everything scares you. Don't worry though, it happens to all of us! Every time your baby cries you will think it is from hunger. But it can also be due to an earache, because their socks are uncomfortable, or even if they feel sore from teething. 

It can be anything and soon enough you’ll figure them all out. 


9. Your breast milk 

It gets tedious and you will probably need to carry one or two more blouses in your purse. The most important thing of all is that you have enough milk to breastfeed your baby. The rest is secondary!


10. Your weight 

Few women manage to maintain their figure after pregnancy (those pregnancy cravings did not help either). However, do not worry about losing those "pounds" in a fast way. Take your time to get back into a healthy routine and diet. 

Nothing rushed will come with a good result. I recommend trying out these exercise routines that’ll do you great.


11. Your “me” time 

As I mentioned before, you’ll eagerly wait for your baby to sleep. Because you can rest, do any housework and even work. Take advantage of those hours to also pamper yourself with a manicure, putting on some makeup or even to rest. Don’t forget the importance of your time


12. Your breaks 

Finding the right time to take a break can be a challenge. I found myself sleeping whenever commuting  to work on the subway, bus or in the vehicle of my office colleague! 

Maybe you also close your eyes in line at the supermarket, at the bank, or even spend your lunch hour sleeping at least 30 minutes. Time is precious to recharge batteries


13. Your bestie (a.k.a. wine) 

On a Wednesday, as a Hump Day treat you meet your best friend (and your partner). After your baby falls asleep, you light some candles, fill a glass of wine, and have a delicious dinner with your partner. You deserve it! 

Just make sure you’re allowed to drink it first. 


What I’ve learnt from being a mother 

Becoming a mother is the most beautiful thing on the planet for a woman who wants to have children. But the fact that life changes completely, is not a novelty. Perhaps it even changes more than we thought before becoming mothers, in a good way! 

AND there are many books and texts that talk about what it means to be a mother and how you can live motherhood. Remember, life is life. That’s why there are changes in our lives that can only be understood from the experiences you live each day with your little one(s).

What other things have changed in your life since you became a mother? Let me know in the comments below! 


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