Amber Guru’s Story

Irena Karaulnovienė - founder of Amber Guru

My name is Irena Karaulnovienė, founder of Amber Guru. I grew up with a deep attachment for the breathtaking shores of the Baltic Sea and love for the pretty little amber stones that the sea, in its smooth or raging waves, would deposit at the shore.

Despite our age, we all have precious childhood memories that we always somehow keep going back to - for me, it's the many trips with my parents along the shores of the sea to collect amber stones which we used to make jewelry.

With age, I soon found out that beyond its pure originality and beauty, these jewels also carried a natural healing power. Sixty years later, I am now reliving my childhood through my small business Amber Guru, which I started in 2018.

I always make sure to give my Amber Guru necklaces a touch of love through my originality and unique taste in rare Baltic amber. I assure to use only the finest Baltic amber stones known in Lithuania as ‘Lithuanian Gold’, which are certified by the National Gems Laboratory of Lithuania. 

I hope, like I found calm and peace with Baltic amber, you and your child will too. I invite you to see my creations here.

Signature of Irena Karaulnovienė