What are Amber Teething Necklaces?

Amber Teething Necklaces for Babies in Different Colors from Amber Guru

There are many challenges of being a new mom and one is dealing with a child's teething pain. Several remedies have been tested by experts including the use of teething toys, teething mittens, teething medication, gels, and teething necklaces.

While they have been proven to be helpful, they only work for so long before another solution is needed. That's why over the years new parents have started using Baltic amber teething necklaces to calm their little ones.

Standing as a natural remedy for teething, I will take you on a quick journey to discover a solution to your questions.

In this article you will find out:

What are Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces?

Baltic amber teething necklaces are made from non-toxic amber beads joined together on a strong thread, in order to prevent the beads from breaking off. These amber stones contain a natural substance known as Succinic acid (later referred to as ‘amber acid’). When the necklace is worn against the skin, it warms up to match our body temperature which then releases this amber acid that is absorbed into the bloodstream.

These necklaces made for babies and children are one of the best solutions for teething pain. It is usually worn around the neck or as a bracelet/anklet (by double wrapping it around the wrist or ankle), and are believed to be a natural remedy for pain, especially when teething.

Why Babies Love Amber Teething Necklaces?

Happy Babies Enjoy Wearing Amber Teething Necklaces from Amber Guru

Amber teething necklaces from Baltic amber have been used over the years as an effective relief for pain in teething children. This is because the amber acid released by the stones when heated up by body temperature, contains pain-relieving elements that ease soreness caused by teething and swollen gums. Amber teething necklaces have even more benefits including boosting the immune system to ease inflammation in the respiratory system and reduce drooling. This effect may work differently for all children but usually within two to three weeks you will see a difference.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies amber acid as being safe according to the "Food Chemicals Codex" 3d Ed. (1981), pp. 314-315. This is due to its natural availability in the plants and animals consumed by human beings.

What are Amber Teething Necklaces Good For?

A Bundle of Raw Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces for Babies in Green Color

Amber teething necklaces are good both for the little ones and their teething problems. Apart from the fact that they are a natural remedy, these necklaces come with a huge list of health benefits.

  • It eases teething pain caused by the inflammation and soreness as teeth break through the gum. 
  • Reduces inflammation in the gums.
  • Stimulates the thyroid gland which decreases drooling. 
  • Amber acid found in amber, is known to boost the body’s immune system.
  • Amber acid has properties that stimulate the nervous system causing the brain to relax and reduce stress. This is helpful when the baby gets all fussy during teething.

    Overall, amber acid present in amber teething necklaces has been proven to be useful, stable, and non-toxic to the human body.

    How Should an Amber Teething Necklace Fit?

    Baby Girl Wearing Baltic Amber Teething Necklace from Amber Guru in Butterscotch Color and White Background

    Children can start wearing their amber teething necklace when they are as young as 3 months old until they are 3 years old (around the time when teething stops). An early start will help your baby get used to wearing the necklace. However, parents must take extra precaution during this time making sure that the baby is safe and never left unattended even for a short time. 

    Here are 3 steps for getting the right size and fit for your baby’s amber teething necklace:

    1. First, take a ribbon, string or piece of yarn. Hold it around the baby’s neck to get the right fit.
    2. It shouldn't be too loose or too tight around the baby’s neck. Tight-fitting necklaces tend to make the baby uncomfortable. Loose-fitting necklaces will allow children to lift it to their mouths or play with them which can increase the chances of being chewed on. This is not recommended.
    3. Measure it with a measuring tape or use this online ruler to get the right size.

      12.5" is the standard size of the necklace, which fits most infants and toddlers between about 3 months and 6 years.

        How to Use an Amber Teething Necklace?

        Mother Measuring Amber Guru Cherry Polished Baltic Amber Teething Necklace on Her Little One

        Once you choose the perfect color (for example here), tie it around your baby’s neck and secure it by the screw clasp. The necklace should lay on the baby’s neck comfortably. It should not be too tight that it is uncomfortable for your baby to move freely, nor should it be so loose that it is possible to pass the necklace over your baby’s chin.

        Always take it off during nap time and bedtime in order to prevent any choking hazard. In addition, ensure that the baby is supervised closely at all times when they have the necklace on. If you are sure that your baby will be safe, it is possible to use your amber necklaces as a bracelet or anklets when your baby is sleeping. This may have less pain-relieving effect because amber works best when placed nearest to the source of pain.

        In order to avoid any accidents, I recommend using your teething necklace only when supervision is assured.

        Cleaning and Maintaining

        Follow these steps to keep your baby's necklace clean of any bacteria:

        • Use lukewarm water and gently wash the necklace with your hands and give it a second rinse in another bowl of lukewarm water, if necessary.
        • Dry it bead by bead (if possible) with a clean & soft cloth ensuring that you dry it thoroughly
        • Or air-dry it before storing it, in order to prevent the beads from discoloring. However, ensure that you do not dry it under direct sunlight as the heat and UV rays can damage the beads.
        • You can polish your necklace with olive oil on a soft piece of cloth or cotton. Carefully polish each bead individually.

        Safety Measures: ‘Dos and Don’ts’

        In practice, amber teething necklaces are safe for your child - see what others have to say! They are carefully made on a strong thread with a knot between each bead and a tight screw clasp in order to prevent the beads from breaking loose easily. Nevertheless, precaution should always be taken as children are unpredictable and very curious.

        Here are some 'dos and don’ts' for your amber teething necklace:


        • Check the necklace regularly for damage to minimize chances of injury in case the beads break.
        • Clean regularly with lukewarm water and dab it dry with a soft cloth.
        • Store in a way that beads are not rubbing against each other or other hard surfaces. Try, storing it in a ziplock bag wrapped in any cloth or your Amber Guru gift box lined with a soft piece of cloth to prevent the top layer of your necklace from getting scratched.
        • Add a drop or two of olive oil in water to give your amber necklace a shiny finish. Wipe with a soft cloth and see it shine!


        • Do not put it near or inside chlorine, detergents, or other strong solutions. This is because these chemical substances weaken the succinic acid, taking away its natural healing power.
        • Do not wear your amber necklace to the spa or the swimming pool.
        • Do not store it directly under the sun or near heat because it can lose its shine.
        • Do not use hot water when cleaning.
        • Do not allow your child to chew on the necklace.
        • Do not leave your child unsupervised or take them to bed with their necklace on. This could cause a serious choking or strangulation hazard.
        • Do not buy a necklace that is too long or too tight for your child.

        Does Amber Work for Everyone?

        Baby Boy Wearing Amber Guru Premium Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet and His Mom Wearing Amber Guru Premium Baltic Amber Necklace

        Amber necklaces and jewelry can be used by both children and adults. The beauty of amber jewelry is that they come with tons of benefits in their most natural state. Not only do they provide pain relief but also strengthen your immune system!

        Whether you are getting a necklace for your teething tot or one for yourself as an accessory, there is so much to love about these precious treasures. From their striking colors (multicolor, butterscotch, lemon, cherry, black, honey, green, cognac) to custom sizes, you can have them made just the way you like.

        If you are buying a necklace for its health benefits, consider the lighter colors. This is because the lighter the amber is, the more succinic acid it contains, therefore releasing more of its natural properties that will keep the wearer feeling relieved of all pain and healthy.

        Ready to Get Yours?

        Not only are amber teething necklaces easy to use, but their endless benefits will help any child struggling with the pain of teething. Parents and teens can also benefit from adult amber necklaces! Amber has been around for many years and used endlessly thus continuing to withhold its legacy of being the "Gold of Lithuania." Take a look at variety of Amber Guru's Amber Teething Necklaces below.

        Choose from 8 the most popular colors and get your's today with a 20% OFF when using discount code AMBERGURU 🏷

        Did you try Baltic amber necklace to help relieve your baby's teething pain? Maybe you tried amber necklace for adults for yourself? Share your experience with me below in the comments.

        Thank you for reading!

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